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Foldaway Walk in Shower Enclosures

Foldaway Walk in Shower Enclosures for wet rooms with tiled or vinyl covered floors

The benefit of a wet room shower is that it gives you that extra space, however, the over spray from the shower can be a bit of a nuisance and usually glass walk in shower screens are fitted so as to act as a shield and reduce the over spray from the shower head.

The drawback to this is that a fixed glass panel walk in shower enclosure can be obtrusive in a small room, restrict access in and out of the shower and can defeat the objective of installing a wet room – That being to achieve more free space in your small bathroom.

Hinged Wet Room Shower Screens are the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms. These can form foldaway walk in shower enclosures which allow easy access in and out of the showering area and can fold back to the wall when not in use, giving you the extra free space that you want in wet rooms.

Offered in a range of different lengths, hinged wet room walk in shower screens enable a longer glass panel to be fitted, yet provide suitable access to the shower area.

These walk in shower screens can be used as single splash guards or in pairs, which form foldaway enclosures.

UniClosure Foldaway Wet Room Walk in Shower Enclosures

The UniClosure range offers hinged glass walk in shower panels that are suitable for use with tiled or vinyl covered floors and one of the options available is the UniClosure 700 + 500 Hinged Wet Room Screens, the features of this foldaway walk in shower enclosure for wet room with a tiled floor being:

• Comprises of 1 x 700 Hinged Screen + 1 x 500 Hinged Screen

• Length adjustment for 700 Hinged Screen with handle is 670 – 685mm

• Length adjustment for 500 Hinged Screen with handle is 470 – 485mm

• 1900mm Height

• 6mm safety glass BS EN 12150 - CE Certified

• Polished chrome finish framework

• Screens open inwards and outwards in 180° motion

• Wall Profile has 15mm adjustment

The space in a wet room can be maximised with UniClosure foldaway walk in shower enclosures.

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